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Today, the most reliable place to buy illegal goods is probably Kraken. This market has existed for more than a year, so it has been tested for strength. Now kraken4.at occupies a leading position. Registration is open to all people without exception. Just enter the correct captcha immediately after migrating to the site as a robot check. You can top up your Kraken darknet balance in three ways: Directly in cryptocurrency, from a bank card, from a QIWI wallet. Your money in your account can only be in Bitcoins. The trading platform is available in almost all cities of Russia and even in some CIS countries, and thanks to low interest rates and seller commissions on On the kraken4.at website you can buy goods several times cheaper than from competitors. All stores on the site are checked by the administrator. This is why you can’t find a very bad product on Kraken. The developers are interested in the development of the project and do not need any force majeure. If anything, the support service works around the clock. You can ask for help via a ticket, by phone or email.


Huge range of goods and services. If in ordinary life we ​​need to go to a clothing store to buy clothes, and to buy medicine in another, then on Kraken Everything is sold together and there is no need to go anywhere. Products are conveniently divided into categories and are easy to find by name using the search. Reliable data protection system. Firstly, you do not need to provide any of your real data, and secondly, thanks to the multi-level encryption system, information about your “adventures” cannot be leaked. Contactless delivery. This delivery method allows users to reliably hide their identity from couriers. In addition, bookmarks exclude the possibility of your neighbors and relatives finding out what and where you are you buy. Excellent technical support. These guys at kraken4.at work tirelessly. They answer user questions, help sellers resolve issues with their store, and participate in arbitration cases, finding out who is right and who is wrong.